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Large enterprises, Online Startups, and IG & FB sellers

Whether you are starting your own online business or run a large enterprise, we help e-Commerce businesses improve conversion and get paid, with the same world class fraud detection that Visa/ Mastercard uses to keep you safe.


Cebuana Lhuillier Jewelry aims to be the undisputed leader in preloved jewelry retail. They’re currently utilizing PeraPal payment options for Credit & Debit Card, Bank Transfers, E-Wallet Payments, and OTC Payments.

Online Retailers

For those with marketplaces & carrying multiple various SKU’s

Simplify payments for your business and manage your user experience end to end. PeraPal has the perfect toolkit for platforms to accept payments, and distribute funds to merchants or end users. Checkout is woven into your UI and merchant payouts can occur seamlessly via API.

FindSource uses PeraPal for it’s Installment Payment channel. This gives an opportunity for their customers who would want to buy their groceries in bulk and be able to pay their items with installments in the next 3-6 months.

Brick and Mortar Store


For Business Owners with a stronger on-ground presence

Is the business expense of maintaining a POS machine too much for your Brick & Mortar store but you would still want to maintain having a credit/debit card payment for your consumers? Worry no more as you can setup a QR code payment on your store outlets and customers can scan this giving them access to credit/debit card payments.

Guava Sketches is a homeware store which dedicates itself to providing simple, beautiful, and functional products to it’s customers. Located in Greenbelt 5, Guava Sketches now offers QR code payments for their customers shopping in their brick & mortar store.

Travel Industry

Online travel, hospitality and tourism platforms and businesses

With customers all around the world, making bookings for destinations, accommodation and services, travel companies need a universal set up that consists of global payment channels. PeraPal enables travel agencies & hotels to provide seamless payment for their customers.

8Finity & Beyond Travel & Tours is one of the most trusted travel & tours here in the Philippines with over thousand of bookings done for their clients ever since they launched back in 2018. Having over 24,000 followers in their FB page however they have discontinued their POS system payment due to not hitting quota transactions and added rental fee that they were paying during the pandemic wherein travel was not allowed. They have now transitioned into utilzing PeraPal payment gateway wherein they’re no rental fees & quota transactions that they could get penalize from.